Harris Family

Ya’ll… I can’t say enough wonderful things about the Harris Family! I met Kelli at my gym; she’s one of my Mixxedfit instructors (which she totally rocks at). I’m fortunate enough to have become friends with her; she’s kind, encouraging, smart, super-duper fun… and maybe a bit crazy! I just love her! Trust me, you’d want to hang out with her, too. And, what’s even better is that the rest of her family is also fantastic! From the moment we started planning their family session, I just knew it would be perfect… I mean, how could it not be with such a gorgeous family and that stunning romper of hers? We chose East Beach in Norfolk for the beautiful sunsets (it’s hard to find beach sunsets on the east coast). Unfortunately, a giant cloud decided to park itself over our sun toward the end of the session, but that’s okay. The sky was still so pretty. I have to say that Miss Laila was like a little super model and so sweet, but poor little Lloyd wanted nothing to do with photos. Luckily, I was able to capture some adorable moments with him (even if he was sad). So, check out the Harris Family and give them some love!

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