Mann Family

Ahhh! Meet the Mann Family; you may remember them from last year. A year ago I had the pleasure of meeting them… with those adorable, cuter-than-words twins, Connor and Abigail! They were only six months old at the time and really gave me a run for my money. But, now they are almost 18 months old and literally gave me a “run” for my money. Haha… see what I did there? So, we decided on the north end of Virginia Beach for the seclusion and pretty dunes. We really lucked out with the weather, too. It was cloudy and a bit windy… and we both drove through some crazy rain on our way there (I mean downpours – my road was flooded), but it held out and allowed us to capture some super fun and special moments. Abby was in love with the beach! She liked the sand and ran all over! Connor was a bit more hesitant and wanted to be held more, but that’s okay because I’m very used to that with my own littlest one. And, Connor did waaaaay better than my own sweet boy ever does. You would think that they would be more on the same page since they are twins, but no… Connor and Abby pretty much did the opposite of each other the entire time. However, we managed to get some of the sweetest photos of the entire family. It’s easy to do when your subjects are just scrumptious! Enjoy these sweet pies and their parents, and maybe you’ll see them again next year!

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