Ninan Family

Meet the Ninans! This fun family vacationed in Corolla, North Carolina… far from home. It was so wonderful to see such a large family vacation… parents with their three children and their families made a total of fifteen people. It really is special to get along with and have such a love for family. I know I feel very fortunate to have this with my parents and siblings. These families traveled from Canada, Massachusetts, and New York to be together! They only are able to get together once every couple of years so I really wanted to make these photos special for them. It’s pretty easy to get various family shots, but the kids are always another story. Luckily, there were only two little ones to try to catch smiling or having fun. I always tell clients that their toddlers cannot possibly be harder to photograph than my toddler… it’s true. And, while little Thomas didn’t want to smile… it was more than okay because he’s absolutely beautiful; they all are! I think my favorites are of the children playing and totally oblivious to me. So, enjoy the Ninans and these sweet little faces!

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