Meet Baby Robert!

I know I always say that I love photographing babies…but I need to say it again! Babies! I just love them! And, they are the easiest subjects! I was very excited to meet sweet little Robert when he was only one day old! And, it’s such an intimate event to allow a stranger to work so closely with your new little love. But…this session was amazing! I love the Licaris! Robert was so tiny and peaceful; he slept for a significant part of the session…which worked out well. Mom and Dad were so easy going and photogenic. Poor big sister, Spencer was a bit overwhelmed with a new brother and everything going on. She really wanted to be held by Mom and Dad. We did manage to get a beautiful shot of the entire family, but she just wanted to cuddle the rest of the time…and that’s fine. It’s hard to believe that Robert is almost two months old now. I’m pretty excited to be able to meet up with this adorable family again for some gorgeous beach photos soon. I can’t wait, Licaris!

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