Oliver is 2!

So, my baby boy is 2! I honestly don’t know how it happened…he was just born! We had such a difficult and scary journey while trying to get this little one here so I’m just, maybe, a bit more anxious and emotional with him.

All four grandparents came to celebrate with us over the weekend; we had a small party with lots of fun. It was exciting seeing Oliver so animated while opening presents this time. He opened so many that he needed a break…perfect time for cake! We were lucky enough to have found our “cake girl” when we lived in Elizabeth City. Heather Hundley-Fletcher from The Cupcakery 2 has made all of our oldest son’s birthday cakes…and a few others. Naturally, she did an amazing job this time, too, with Oliver’s favorite characters, Mickey and friends. Check her out! After Oliver adorably blew out his candles and dug in, we opened more gifts and played. Since we celebrated a day before his actual birthday, Heather made us some pretty cupcakes for his real day! We sang and blew out candles a second time… I cannot get over his “blowing” face! So…happy 2nd birthday to my sweet, sweet Ollie Bean! He really has made our family complete!

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