Massei Family

I’m so excited about the Masseis! This adorable family means so much to us; April is one of my best friends and just so happens to be a talented photographer herself (along with her super awesome husband, Austin). They are a fantastic husband-and-wife team… Massei Photography! So, go check them out.

Anyway, their daughter, Aria, is my little boy’s best friend; they love each other so much that they fight like siblings! And, their little guy, Ashton, is close in age with my little guy, Oliver. They are becoming quick friends, too! April has been my biggest cheerleader; she and Austin have helped me grow in my own photography so, so much. They are so beautiful both inside and out. Well, I jumped at the chance to swap family sessions with them. What better way than to photograph, and be photographed by, my super-duper friends? We had a crazy time with the wind on the beach, but the Masseis pulled it off perfectly. April’s poor hair was styled just right, but the wind and humidity quickly created some very crazy hair. April reluctantly pulled it into a bun…and she totally rocked it, right? Their love for each other shines through each and every photo. They are wonderful partners and parents…and they have stinking cute kids, too.

I cannot wait to do this session swap again with some much calmer weather. I just love these guys so much! Enjoy their family beach session at Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach!

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