Heyl Family

A few weeks ago, I got to meet a super cute family all vacationing at Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach, VA. How wonderful is it to have your entire family together for a vacation? I know it’s hard for so many, but they made it happen! Each family was from all over…many places that I have lived. So, it was kind of serendipitous that we met. I instantly fell at ease with such a kindhearted family.

Well, the weather was not on our side…so many rainy days, and our day had really high winds. Hair was wild and kids were cranky. It’s really difficult to photograph babies…especially when they are cold and tired. Little Rob and Quinn were not having it at all. We got some amazing family shots, but the babies would not cooperate for some individual shots. No worries though because these great parents and grandparents didn’t seem to mind too much. Luckily, the older cousins were fantastic; they stayed a bit longer to let me get some beautiful sister photos. I think I could be friends with these fun folks! So, enjoy their windy beach session!

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