Meet Brody!

Meet Brody… his parents, grandparents, and uncles!

I met the most adorable family this week in Nags Head, NC. They are from near Pittsburgh, which is so funny because I grew up near Pittsburgh… but in West Virginia. Julie and Mike were vacationing with their sweet baby, Brody, both sets of their parents, and Mike’s two brothers. I just love when extended families can get together and have fun! It was a pretty gloomy day, but the sky worked so well for us… and the rain held off until I was driving home. It was a close one. The rain has been pretty crazy and unpredictable in the Outer Banks lately. Hopefully, they had nice weather for the rest of their trip. We were able to get all kinds of great shots, and Brody was an exceptional toddler; he laughed, smiled, and ran all over the beach. He did take a little tumble in a big wave… poor thing, but he seemed to shake it off quickly and even got some ice cream out of it. I think his mom was more upset that he was, but I’m exactly the same way. Moms always worry. So, anyway… here they are! Enjoy!

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