Vallone Family

The super sweet Vallone family was vacationing in Nags Head, NC over Memorial Day. They wanted some fun, playful lifestyle photos to cherish. Luckily, they were naturally fun and outgoing. Their daughter Lily was up past her bedtime so we could work with the gorgeous golden light, and she did a fantastic job. Lily was all smiles, and it was perfect that she wanted to play with Mom and Dad and run all over the beach. Some of my favorite shots are of Lily playing on the grassy dunes with not a care in the world. I truly think those are the most important photos to hold on to…photos that allow us to remember specific moments…and all of our love and joy for each other! I’m kind of bummed that they live all the way in Maryland because I’m dying to do more photos for this adorable family! Come back, Vallones!

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