Katelyn and Joe

So…first of all, I just love Katelyn and Joe! Katelyn and her family are my parents’ neighbors and dear friends. And, they have the absolute best parties ever! I’m not exaggerating when I say that every single person who attends is so, so kind. They make you want to be part of their family for sure. I jump at any opportunity I have when I’m visiting my family to go and enjoy their home too. Well, Katelyn and Joe are so beautiful both inside and out that they definitely were in need of some photos. Are they not the most adorable couple ever? Oh, and the location!!! These were taken at her family’s own home! This is their yard in wild, wonderful Wellsburg, West Virginia! People make fun of WV, but how can you after seeing this breathtaking view and this gorgeous couple? I cannot wait to capture their love for each other again! Maybe, some wintery Christmas photos are in the future? 😉 Enjoy!

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